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sshd directive ignored

I have this in /etc/ssh/sshd_config:

PasswordAuthentication no

And yet, sshd ignores this and allows password authentication, because
UsePAM is set to "yes" down at the bottom of the file.

This seems like a bad sort of default behaviour. I would recommend that
a note be added somewhere prominent that indicates this to folks who
are familiar with ssh but not with the impact of that PAM statement...

Maybe this isn't a big concern, but it confused me for a while, and I've
been using sshd on other platforms for years. It seems to violate the
principle of least surprise, and it's a security issue...

On a related note, it seems that the sshd_config man page differs from
the distributed config file. The man page says that the default for UsePAM
is "no".

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