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Re: gpg keyrings and some problems ...

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First of all sorry for the message off the list. It was meant to be sent
to the list of course.

On 02/23/2005 04:25 PM, Gilberto Martins wrote:
> Seu email enviado em Qua 23 Fev 2005 10:51:
>>On 02/23/2005 02:21 PM, Gilberto Martins wrote:
>>>Every time I receive a mail from debian-security, I get a message as the
>>>one anexed, in the yellow strip, which says:
>>>"The message has been signed in 31-12-1969 20:59 with unknown key
>>>0x801EA932. The validity (correct ???) of this sign could not be
>>You need to import the key into your keyring:
>>$ gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv-key 0x801EA932
> I really did it, and it partially worked.
> Now, it says that "the sign is valid, but unfaithful".

Yeah, whats wrong with that? I guess you didn't sign the key, so this is

> Please, forgive my excessive questions. I really want to learn more about 
> this. If u can send me some more links related to this subjects.

You should really read something about the basices of signing/encryption
with PGP/GPG. Other people on the list already gave some pointers to
excellent documentation.

Good luck, Tobias
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