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Re: using sarge on production machines

* kurt kuene:

> so what strategies to use if you are forced to work with a distro
> other then woody?

I used to run unstable with irregular updates, and manually backport
upstream security fixes to the version in unstable (especially if a
new Debian packages was not available in unstable).

>From time to time, there was quite a lot of significant breakage
(especially when we weren't as close to the release as we are now),
but as I didn't have to fulfill any SLAs, it was typically no big deal
to sort out the issues when they arose.

A different model uses unstable and periodic updates (say on a fixed
day of the week), and security updates from unstable.  This works
reasonably well, too, although I wouldn't recommend to follow this
model after the sarge release (because unstable will probably be less
stable for a few months; there are some quite significant transitions
that have been delayed so far because of the release).

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