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Re: using sarge on production machines

--- kurt kuene <kurtkuene@gmx.net> wrote:
> All of  my 3 webservers (apache php mysql java tomcat).
> on two other webserver I run woody with some packages from sarge
> (apt-pining)
> and the mail relay servers (spamassasin amavisd postfix clamav).
> I run sarge because I need more recent packages and I do not want to
> use an other distro because I dont trust them as I trust the debian
> project. I do not want to complain about sarge not being released,
> this is not the place to do that.
> but my users (I work for a university of art and do linux based web
> and mailserver there) want newer packages. 
> so somehow I was forced to upgrade to a newer version of debian.

Some people have already said it. Use stable with backports. Where this
absolutely won't do use UML and chroot it and run sarge in it. This is
what I'm doing[0].


[0] Not necessarily a positive recommendation ;)

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