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Please help test Snort 2.3.0 (experimental) packages

Hi everyone,

I've recently uploaded (to experimental only) new Snort 2.3.0 packages 
(based on the release made by the Snort team last January 25th). One of the 
main reasons I've uploaded this to experimental (and not sid) is that I've 
introduced /etc/default/snort and made /etc/snort/snort.common.parameters 

Since this is a major changed and might impact sensors properly configured
I'm playing it safe and asking for testing first. Hopefully, after some
days have elapsed withouth any issues I will upload these packages (or an 
improved version) to sid.

Finally, if someone wants to help me tackle the issues with database 
generation in snort-mysql and snort-pgsql [1], I would really appreciate a 



[1] This are bug #205683 and (merged) #219696,  #265735, #265878, #290104, 
and #291616. Please read the TODO.Debian file.

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