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Re: Compromised system - still ok? - let it go

hi ya matt

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Matthew Palmer wrote:

> Three step program for you, bub.
> 1) Place your feet on your shoulders;
> 2) Push hard;
> 3) Take your first breath of arse-free air in a long time.

sounds like you should do the same ... or more like too late for you
> I have reported intruders to the relevant authorities in the past,

and that'd depnd on you and them to do something

> can't imagine they'd be even vaguely interested in some two-bit penetration.

yup.. until something happens that is a problem for them ... in which
case they jump and do something fast ..

like i said, don't accuse others of having the same failures as you did
or didn't even try yourself
	- not everybody fails ..

	and these script kiddies and cracker coders beat ya 
	since you don't know what to do with um

== isn't it enough of this ... there's better things to do

	- you have your ways to deal with it
	- others have theirs, and "your experiences" is not the
	same for others

c ya

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