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Re: No Linux capabilities in sarge default install with kernel 2.6

On Sat, 15 Jan 2005, hanasaki wrote:

> so what do you recommend for security?
> also what about rsbac?  where does this fit in?

how much time do you want to spend to harden the kernel ?


openwall, libsafe, lids, etc ..

> ...
> > That seems the default behavior by now, but loading the capabilities LSM
> > without the disabling parameter will cause that SELinux or other linux
> > security modules wouldn't be able to register with the LSM framework.

suse ( sorry), seems to ship with SELinux enabled... and sometimes causes
problems that i have to go in and turn it all off ( good again ? )
	- i haven't figured which SELinux options work and which don't

c ya

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