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Re: php vulnerability

On Di, 21.12.2004, 10:13, Florian Weimer sagte:
> * saravanan ganapathy:
>>   I am also worrying about these vulnerabilities.btw I
>> am using debian php package(4.1.2) on woody.
>>   How do I sure that I am out of danger?
> Use a backport of PHP 4.3.10.  Apparently, there is no other way at
> this stage to be sure.  (Upstream no longer supports PHP 4.1.x.)

What about a kind of fork into php4-1 for woody?
I think now these exception would be indicated to be able
to use security.debian.org furthermore for webservers etc.

-> Who knows when sarge will become stable and
in particular everyone will be able to switch to it?

Or are there any considerations within security team about patching
4.1 in woody?


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