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Re: Slightly OT: Setting the primary NIC

I had the same problem, with a different app,

But needed to swop my primaty NIC with another one,  as my apps Bound to the wrong NIC



How to Set the Primary NIC on a Windows 2000 XP

Use this procedure to determine and set the primary NIC on a Windows 2000 Server:

1.       Right-click the Network Neighborhood /my network places  icon and choose Properties.

2.       From the menu of the Network and Dial-up Connections window, choose Advanced > Advanced Settings.

3.       On the Adapter and Binding tabs, in the Connections area, ensure that the primary NIC is listed first.

You can click the Move Up or Move Down buttons to arrange the adapters and select your primary NIC.

4.       From a DOS prompt, issue the ipconfig /all command to verify that your selected primary NIC appears first in the list.


Hope this helps







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