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Re: [DSA 563-1] New cyrus-sasl packages fix arbitrary code execution

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Philip Ross (psr@warwickcompsoc.co.uk) [041012 16:30]:
> > This update for woody has broken ldapsearch form ldap-utils. ldapsearch 
> > now segfaults at startup.
> Please downgrade for the moment, there is an issue with the update. We
> know the reason, and I hope that a fixed package will be available soon.
> Please postpone updates for now.

Since I did the NMUs for sid/sarge, I wonder if there is something wrong
with the patch for SASL 1.5? It seems to work very well in SASL 2, but if it
is going bonkers on SASL 1.5, I will have to re-NMU it to fix it in sid and
sarge, for starters.

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