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Re: Debian Hardened project (question about use of the "Debian" trademark)


El mié, 15-09-2004 a las 09:35, Sven Luther escribió:
> On Tue, Sep 14, 2004 at 04:40:53PM +0100, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> > * Lorenzo Hernandez Garcia-Hierro <lorenzo@gnu.org> [2004-09-08 16:26]:
> > > I want to know if i can use the trademark "Debian" on the name of a
> > > project that i've started , "Debian Hardened" which i want to see as
> > > an official Debian sup-project.
> > 
> > I personally feel that this name has the same problems that "Trusted
> > Debian" has - it suggests that "normal" Debian is not secure.  In any
> > case, I think you should post your question to debian-project rather
> > than -legal since -project is more appropriate and might get more
> > feedback.
> Notice that unlike the Trusted Debian case, Lorenzo seem to be willing for it
> to be an officially recognized sub project, like the custom debians are.

yeah, That's it!
Adamantix (old Trusted Debian) is a different distro (and also i have
good relationship with many of its developers, Peter for example).

Debian Hardened is like Debian Junior, and the rest of subprojects.
*We* must provide the best (and the easiest) way to harden Debian for
advanced users, sysadmins or just people that want a really *more*
secure environment than the "common" one, that does not need to be
"insecure" but it will be more "unsafe" if you compare it with the same
system but hardened.As a good example...you can forget to update your
Bind9 named daemon 'cos somebody announced a new BOF in its code, but if
you a hardened binary (+SSP/ProPOlice and a library to trace the BOF
conditions) in a hardened environment (hardened kernel and RBAC/RSBAC
policies) it will be not dangerous as having a simple Debian!
That's the difference.

We can start asking ourselves about "Why not making Debian hardened
directly?", we need to respect the freedom of choice and also, a normal
user wouldn't want to use RBAC...or not?

If somebody has read the TRNG tasks, on SF.net, it's related with some
enhancements in the LEP (Linux Entropy Pool) using a TRNG device, that
would make 99.9% (just for be paranoid, at the momment no body has
demonstrated that the atomic decay is not unpredictable) unpredictable
random numbers to be used within the LEP (/dev/random) making an
user-space daemon and modifying random.c to take care of the TRNG (some
of this work is not completed, but i've started doing some dirty hacks
to random.c).

Thanks in advance,
Lorenzo Hernandez Garcia-Hierro <lorenzo@gnu.org>

PS: If i want to colaborate to the Debian project that's because i think
i must give something back to the "community" that developed this
fantastic distro!

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