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Re: Strange problem with mail...

Yes you r right im actually running kernel 2.4.26-3 from sarge, i allways
consider that as right practice, since kernels are "independent" using the
lates "stable" kernel, with stable I meant that is has been arround for a
while and most of its bugs are fixed, when i switch back to kernel 2.4.25
which I was running previously I could witness several process being dump,
named, sshd, ftp, and all the eventually including clamd and exim, since, 
amavis is set to check for incamming mails so as the message reach the
~exim/input directory I can asume that it pass through spamassassin and
clamd without causing any trouble, and when exim try to deliver there
everything blow to hell.

On Thu, Aug 26, 2004 at 09:44:51PM +0200, Jan Luehr wrote:
> Greetings,....
> Am Donnerstag, 26. August 2004 19:32 schrieb UnKnown:
> > Hi ppl, first I wont to state that this is my first mail to this list, if
> > by any chance this is not the right list to do so plz point me to the
> > correct one.
> > Last sunday the mail server start kicking process, actually it did such a
> > mess, that it trow all daemons down. When I check the console this message
> > was the only thing left:
> > __alloc_pages: '-order allocation failed (gfp=0x....)
> Ok. This looks like an exploit.
> Wich Kernel do you use?
> 2.4.26 is certainly not Woody-standard.
> Are you able to find any binary causing these kind of messages?
> Keep smiling
> yanosz
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