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Re: sshd: Logging illegal users

TH> From: Thomas Hungenberg <th+lists-debian@demonium.de>
TH> Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 10:44:40 +0200

TH> LogLevel is already set to VERBOSE. But even with LogLevel DEBUG the
TH> invalid usernames are not logged. :-(

I was explained some time ago by somebody that this is a security
feature rather than a bug.

Some users type in their passwords instead of login names (imagine
that you used to Unix ssh, that does not ask for username, and then
occasionally have to login from a Windows machine with PuTTY, that
does.  I mistyped my password in such situation at least twice :().
You do not want their clear text passwords to be in your log file, do

Good luck


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