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Re: [sec] debian patched linux kernels

On Mon, 16 Aug 2004, LeVA wrote:

> Hi!
> Is the debian patched kernels are preferred for server/desktop use, or 
> they are just minor cosmetic patches? what is the difference between 
> the kernel.org's kernel source and the debian patched kernel sources?

long version read debian/changelog of kernel-source-2.x.x

short try:
removed drivers with inappropriate licences.
upstream fixes that didn't made it for latest release,
but are scheduled for next release or not yet included bugfixes
(this include from time to time security fixes)

so if you don't read lkml you are better of with the kernel-source
provided by debian. the debian kernel team is maintained by upstream
maintainers, which know their job. 
on the nice side the debian kernel are very close to those of kernel.org.

a++ maks

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