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Re: advice needed on how to proceed


I just noticed this thread ...

> Now, a specific switch passed onto ghostscript needs to be used to fix
> the issue.
> From the gs man page:
>         -dSAFER 
>                 Disables the "deletefile" and "renamefile" operators and
>                 the ability to open files in any mode other than
>                 read-only. This is desirable for spoolers or any other
>                 environments where a malicious or badly written
>                 PostScript program must be prevented from changing
>                 important files.
> This is what he is spouting about, I think.

Yep, that's one of the four issues, meanwhile bug #262402:

| "File operations" refers to the postscript program that is executed by
| ghostscript here. Something along the lines of -dSAFER is needed to
| make this safe, however I'm not sure as to which options are needed.
| Maybe, it can't be made safe at all if gs is run as root.

-dSAFER probably is much better than nothing, but are you sure that it's
sufficient? Isn't it still possible to read arbitrary files with root

Cya, Florian

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