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Re: A question about : [Fwd: JULY 6th Lead Training 3 tips for working leads]

Phillip Hofmeister wrote:

On Wed, 07 Jul 2004 at 06:04:17PM -0400, Mezig wrote:
Just a question :
What's supposed to do such a message - a spam for me :( ! -on the Debian security list ?
Is't there a way to practice the security topics on our own list ?
Beginer in Anti-spam Activism :)!

You should start by updating any Bayesian filters you have on your
machine and then deleting the message.  After you have done this you
should probably read the archives for when this topic was beaten to
death last (you won't need to look further than a few weeks/months).

Also, try not to do the spammers a favor by posting their original
message back to the list.

Bayesien filters, out of Moz 1.6, and FireHol recently installed, is still to hard for me, sorry :(! I'm just upset of receving, here also a spam, on the debian security-list... : (! By the way have you a good link about bayesian filters.., my spamassassin is very cheap as is my english :( !
i can read a little post, not all a documentation!
To end, i thought, someone could made something special against such a post. Sorry i mismake :(!
Thanks anyway :)!

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