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Re: Spam fights

> > For mailing lists this can be achieved by making the list
> > subscriber-only.  For individual accounts such behaviour is very
> > anti-social as it results in confirmation messages being sent in
> > response to virus messages.
> Not if the message if refused by the smtp server before it's delivered,
> right ? It's not that antisocial to ask the 1% people who aren't
> subscribed to subscribe before sending a message.

3 days ago I got blacklisted by outblaze when I  got framed by some virus
that triggered my majordomo to respond to a forged subscription request
with an outblaze's spamtrap "original" address. Luckily, the outblaze
postmaster was very quick to respond and whitelist me back.

I don't actually know how to prevent this happening in the future.
A bit unexpected mode of spamtrap operation, isn't it?

P.S. maybe we should move the thread to NANAE?

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