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Re: users and security ibwebadmin

On Wed, 02 Jun 2004 09:02:28 +0300
Damyan Ivanov <divanov@creditreform.bg> wrote:

> Remco Seesink wrote:
> >>How could I set it up secure so ibwebadmin is still able to process the database
> >>files?
> Leave it running as www-data. Do not add www-data to group firebird.
> I guess a user has to enter DB user name/pass in order to start working 
> with the databases. If this is true then ibwebadmin can use that 
> username/pass to connect through the network interface to firebird, 
> using database paths like localhost:/path/to/db
> This way ibwebadmin will behave like any other remote client.

Ah good point. The tools are badly documented, but i will try to figure it out.
My initial attempts seems to indicate some do work over the network and some
don't. If it doens't work I'll come back crying to this place ;)

> HTH,
> dam
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