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Re: debian and viruses ...


> have you try: "# apt-cache search virus"?

yes, of course.

$ apt-cache search virus
gnome-xbill - Fight the infection.
mailscanner - An email virus scanner and spam tagger.
renattach - Rename attachments on the fly.
sanitizer - The Anomy Mail Sanitizer - an email virus scanner
xbill - Get rid of those Wingdows Viruses!
amavis-postfix - Interface between MTA and virus scanner.

all of them are in case - spam, wiruses etc filtering on mail-serwer.
But the LAN with wiruses are only like this:

LAN (lots of strange people)------------[router,NAT,firewall,squid]-------my provider.
(whos do not understand what is trojan or wirus,
using windows XP and others ...)

mail serwer of course have spamassasin, amavis, fprot, header and body
checks and more more other.
The problem is in only in topology "picture" above.
Thats why it is so big problem.

> bogofilter
> spamassassin 

the same. All of them are for mail server.


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