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Re: apt-get update

On Friday, 2004-05-14 at 11:52:58 +0200, gingupin@yahoo.de wrote:

> I have just made some changes in my firewall and now I am having problems
> with apt-get update because when connecting to 

> http://ftp2.de.debian.org 

> nothing happens and with netstat -lanp I see SYN/SENT and nothing more....

You could just try with a browser, or do "telnet ftp2.de.debian.org 80"
to make sure it's nothing to do with apt-get. 

> Does anybody have the same problem ?? 

No answer for me, too.

> Is ftp2.de.debian.org down

It does not answer to pings, but you tried that, didn't you? And if you
did a traceroute, too, you must have seen that is the last
replying hop. Or did you forbid ICMP Echo and traceroute for yourself in
your firewall?

Anyway. belongs to mediaWays/Telefonica Deutschland GmBH.
And ftp2.de.debian.org ( belongs to them, too. So you may
want to send mail to hostmaster@telefonica.de to inquire.

Lupe Christoph
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