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Re: i want to hide return path...


Thanks a lot for all :)
It is working :)

and really sorry for "stricte only debian" users.
I was thinking (and still think) that this is securitty issue,
specialy on debian - because there are several daemons compiled under
debian. PHP, apache,postfix....

> It can't ignore something that isn't there.... Return-Path is not an
> header used by the MTA (like Postfix), but is a header added by the MDA
> when the mail is delivered.

yes, fakt :)

> All you can do with Postfix (AFAIK) is to reject mail from this sender.
> You can rewrite the entire domain, using the Address Masquerading
> functionality in Postfix.

thanks, this is good - but very brutal and heavy solution :)
but of course OK :)

> Add -fblabla@my.server.com to the sendmail_path in php.ini

yes it is working :))))
Thanks a lot :)
I completly forget about that :)

sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -fuser_NOSPAM@my.server.com


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