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Re: i want to hide return path...


Many thanks fo yours advices, I tested all what I found,
but no results :(


> I'm not really sure this is security related, did you have a look at
> http://www.postfix.org/lists.html ?

I did not find anything :( where you did you saw it ?
and what was exactly ? any words ?

is sth like that ?


>> -------
>> Return-Path: <www-data@my.server.com>
>> -------
>> I want to hide only this ONE user.

> What about changing your PHP? See
> <http://www.zend.com/manual/function.mail.php#AEN50127> - you can add
> parameters to the mail() call in PHP and pass an "-f" switch to the
> sendmail invocation. That way, you can specify any sender address you like.

yes, but I am using safe_mode in PHP, so fifth parameter is not

mail("nobody@example.com", "the subject", $message,
     "From: webmaster@{$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']}", "-fwebmaster@{$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']}");
Warning: mail(): SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The fifth parameter is disabled in SAFE MODE



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