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Re: Linux clients in network - experiences?

On 03/21/04 02:45, Cedric Ware wrote:

The main point I'd think of and that you may have missed would be software
installation and maintenance.  Don't assume it's something you only do once
as you're bound to buy more machines, deal with hardware failures, etc.
Centralize your logs, automate everything you can.  Ideally your OS install
procedure should be like "network boot or pop in floppy; enter install
password; check back half an hour later", which should take care of all
configuration and customization.
Yes. Remember too that ordinary users don't need a full Linux installation on their PCs so you can save a lot of network administration time if you use a live Linux CD like Knoppix for your network workstations. Pick a CD that most closely reflects your needs and remaster that to suit your particular requirements if necessary. There are many ways you can implement this.


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