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Re: Backporting SELinux to woody

On Wed, Mar 10, 2004 at 04:58:14PM +1100, Russell Coker wrote:
> > I suspect that the problem can be with old glibc (2.2.5) but I'm not
> > sure. Because that I'd like to ask should I backport glibc from sarge?
> There have been some changes to the way libxattr works.  From memory I think 
> that you needed an extra -l option on the link command line when compiling 
> with old libc6.  I can't remember whether it was linking the PAM module or 
> libselinux that needed it (or maybe both).

I already found that -lattr should be added to Makefiles in
policycoreutils-1.6 to build it and to Makefile for pam_unix module
into libpam. I also think that the same should be done in
libselinux1-1.6 and even looked through Makefiles there, but didn't
found where and how to link libattr to libselinux1. That because I
don't know how to build libraries i.e. I know ./configure && make
or fakeroot debian/rules binary for libraries but I don't know
low-level work.

So, the question: how can I link libattr to libselinux1?

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