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Re: Mail processing tool

On Sun, 25 Jan 2004 20:49, "Raffaele D'Elia" <R.DElia@starcomitalia.com> 
> checks for new mail in a maibox via pop3;

If you use IMAP it should be possible for you to ask the server to notify you 
when new mail is received.  This should give you a faster response if the 
server correctly implements dnotify and will also give less CPU and disk use 
on both client and server.  Finally it will give less log entries (as login 
and logout are logged), having a log entry every minute from your script will 
waste disk space.

Last time I tested this functionality I found it not to work in Courier IMAP, 
but this may have been fixed in a more recent version of Courier.  Also note 
that the functionality of IMAP servers varies considerably (so if one doesn't 
work then you can try another).

In answer to your original question, I'm not aware of any program to do this 
for you.

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