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Re: Strange 'su' error messages

Ian Brayshaw wrote:

On Tuesday 13 January 2004 9:29 am, Christian Schuerer wrote:
Since updating my debian server yesterday I get the following error
messages every hour (generated by logcheck):

 Jan 13 06:25:01 asterix su[5741]: + ??? root:nobody

I now get similar messages in my logs after a recent  upgrade of AIDE.


I got those too:

Jan 15 06:25:03 ifireball su[21163]: + ??? root:nobody

However, I do not have AIDE installed, and greping for "su" in /etc/cron/daily produced
nothing meaningful.
also, chkrootkit reports process hidden from ps, but /proc/*/status reports them to be ksoftirq_CPU0, kswapd, bdflush and kupdated which seems to be legit (no doubles)

Am I missing something here?


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