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Re: Attempts to poison bayesian systems

On Monday 29 December 2003 00:12, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> _Random_ padding won't be
> effective.  _Targeted_ padding will be, though spammers would have to
> target the non-spam keyword list of individual recipients to be
> highly effective (guessing wrong simply adds to the spamminess of an
> individual's keyword list).

Indeed. But it underlines the importance that every individual needs to 
train the filter with his own ham. My previous university has not 
trained their filters well, and this seems like an effective attack 
against their filter. For me, all these messages have been tagged with 

However, it seems like SA has no other rules that match these spams, so 
they seldom get above my reject-at-smtp threshold. Is it possible to 
make a rule to match this practice?   


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