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Re: exim virus scanning and spam scanning

On Sun, Dec 21, 2003 at 09:09:38AM -0600, hanasaki wrote:
> whats the difference between amavis-ng and milter and amavisd-new?   are 
> some going away?  which one do you use for what? or clamscan directly? 
> how can virus scanning be added?  clamscan and spam Spam assassin seem 
> to be the norms from googling.  the configuration files to integrate 
> with exim are befuddling.
> the plan is too hook a virus scanner into exim4 from sarge.  any 
> thoughts are appreciated.  A copy of someone's working exim4 config 
> would be great!
> how does one integrate the following with exim?  And which do you folks 
> recommend for what reasons?
> 		SPAM
> 	Spamassassin
> 	bogofilter
> 	amavis
> 	amavisd-new
> 	clamscans

Exiscan-ACL (included in exim4-daemon-heavy) + SpamAssassin + clamav

See the exiscan-acl documentation and the exim list for configuration

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