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Re: extrange passwd behaviour

El jue, 04-12-2003 a las 22:05, Kevin escribió:
> > I've discovered that login, sudo, gdm only take care of the first 8
> > characters of the passwd. The following characters don't count. See the
> > following example (I've created a new user just to make the test)
> If you are not using md5 passwords will have a max length of 8
> characters.  If you're using md5 your pam config for passwd etc should
> look something like this:
> password        required        pam_unix.so md5
> And the passwords in the shadow file should start with $1$

The problem was that I was not using md5 passwd. I don't know why
/etc/pam.d/passwd was set to allow fall-through to the 'other' service.

The debconf configuration of passwd says that md5 should be enabled.
I've tried to run dpkg-reconfigure passwd with no effect, but that is
another problem and off-topic here.

Putting the line by hand works perfectly.


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