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Re: chkrootkit and linux 2.6

[On 04 Dec, @07:24, Paul wrote in "Re: chkrootkit and linux 2.6 ..."]
>    I see this same behavior with 2.6.0-test8.  Chkrookit comes up with 42
>    processes possibly caused by LKM rootkit.  I would have 69 processes
>    running with 42 of them owned by root.  When I boot back to 2.4.23, it
>    comes up with the 4 mentioned in the bug.  I'm no Linux master by any
>    means, but I'm just guessing that being owned by root is the kicker in
>    this instance.  Either that, or I'm screwed ;)

a 'chkrootkit -x lkm' was helpfull for me in this case - looks like the
lkm test is fooled by threaded applications: xmms, named, etc...

On my laptop killing X was enough the shut chkrootkit up:
with X: 2 hidden processes
without: none

grtz Miek

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