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Re: When will kernel-image-2.4.23 be available ?

On Wednesday 03 December 2003 20:57, Phillip Hofmeister wrote:
> You may wish to look at the make-kpkg(kernel-package) package.  It
> takes your stock 2.4.23 source and makes it into a nice .deb file for
> you.
> Note: This option is for those who have a working .config file.
> Experience in making your own config make (config|menuconfig|xconfig) is
> recommended.

Yup! An option, I would think, is copying the appropriate config from 
/usr/share/kernel-package/Config (after installation of kernel-package of 
course) to .config in the dir you unpack the kernel-sources. Then start the 
config, disable all the things you know you don't need, and perhaps compile 
some much used stuff into the kernel rather than as module. Then, there's a 
really good howto at newbiedocs on sourceforge (no, I don't have the URL 
handy, I'm connected through a mobile phone... :-) ). 



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