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Re: When will kernel-image-2.4.23 be available ?

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 10:43:44PM +0100, Marc F. Neininger wrote:
> No experience without the first try. Take about two days for reading the 
> documentation and finding the brands on the chips your machine works with.

Nah, just look at /proc/cpuinfo, /proc/pci (or use lspci), dmesg, etc
It's almost all there for you. Not like the old days...
> P.S.: Before rebooting the first time with your custom kernel make sure 
> that you have a _WORKING_ boot floppy. Otherwise you may get into big 
> trouble.

That too if you really eff up, but you rarely will screw
up that badly. I've always got two or more kernels selectable
in lilo. I set the new one so that it is not the default kernel,
and thus if everything screws up, just power cycle and let it
boot normally into the original kernel.

Some of my test machines have 10 or more different kernels
selectable at boot.

If you are doing this on a remote machine, always use the
fallback option so that if the system hangs you can call
the ISP and have them just power cycle to bring you back
up in the fallback kernel.

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