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Re: chkrootkit and linux 2.6

[On 02 Dec, @20:56, David wrote in "Re: chkrootkit and linux 2.6 ..."]
> Right now chkrootkit gets lots of false positives regarding LKMs.  There
> was a pretty thorough discussion just a couple days ago so look through
> the archive for the details:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-security/

ah, that explains it. (I hope)

> So, its _probably_ a false alarm, but ....

Using chkrootkit on RedHat (2.6.0-test9) didn't show anything wrong. 

Well, I really can not believe i'm rooted....any it is really sucky that
chkrootkit has a bug in this respect.


grtz Miek

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