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creating password for a shadow file


I need to add users to a passwd/shadow file, but these files does not
reside in /etc dir. Thus I can not use the adduser or useradd tool to
add the users, because then they will be added to the /etc/passwd|shadow file, and my passwd/shadow files are in another directory. These passwd/shadow files are used by an ftp server. I have managed to create a passwd file, and wrote the user name and uid, and homedir etc... by hand. The shadow file's passwords must be encrytped with md5. So I used the 'htpasswd' program to create a password for the user. I typed:

htpasswd -m shadow.ftp user

The problem is that this program doesn't create a password like the
adduser program used to create, and put to the /etc/shadow file. When I try to login with 'user' via ftp (using the newly created shadow file), it says username and/or password was not accepted, so the password generation didn't work.

'htpasswd -bmn user password' output:


'adduser user' (with same password as above) output:


As you can see they don't match.
So my question is, that is it possible to create passwords for a shadow file with a command line tool? Is this htpasswd the right tool for this, and I just can not use it? Or if this is not possible, then how can I specify another destination shadow/passwd file for the adduser/useradd program.




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