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Re: Uhm, so, what happened...?

Le vendredi 28 novembre 2003 à 09h36 (-0500), Stephen Frost écrivait :
> > It says "Somehow they got root [...]", does anybody yet know how?
> Did you *read* what they said?

Mhhh... I think so... But I'm not a native english speaker actually... :)
Did I miss something?

I read this: "(I believe) an unknown local root exploit in the wild"
and that: "we try and exhaust all reasonable avenues of investigation
to determine how the attacker went from unprivileged to root."

This is why I asked if somebody already knows...
And this is why I suggested some idea, wishing to help a bit...

> That should only gain group utmp privs on Debian systems, at least from
> what I can tell.  Not sure of the difficulty of going from that to root.

Right, I forgot to check if screen was suid root or not in Debian...
Debian never stop surprising and please me! ;-)
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