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Re: More hacked servers?

On Fri, 28 Nov 2003, Marcel Hicking wrote:

> I'd definitely prefer to have "them" working on getting things
> up and running again and do the forensics. They should waste a
> minute too much on reports that might proove wrong finally anyway.

Minute? Every minute is cucial... So hmm.. They dont eat, talking with
their family, cleaning, sleeping, etc since 21 November? :-)

> This would confuse everyone more than it would help.
> And, honestly, doesn't your experience show that wild guesses
> about how long complex things might take nearly alway provve
> wrong?

Confuse? Come on... we are more intelligent than that.  A lest, their
servers have compromised, and it's a concern of all of us, becase we use
THEIR packages.  I WANT to known what they do actually, and maybe not you,
but I'm sure the majority in this ML want to know...

Let me clear: I don't want details about observations, but WHAT they do

Same as in company, the manager want to know sometimes what you do in a
critical situation.  I dont want a report with 100 pages, but 2-3 lines is
sufficient. Theses servers have compromised since ~20 November, and we
don't have a word about this, not one.

> Why would I want to know who's typing what right now? I'd be
> interested in a all-in-one final report, that's for sure, but
> I'll be happy with this. And in case any urgent security problem
> pops up during investigation I'm pretty sure we'll be
> informed right away. The secteam has done an amazing job in the
> past and I trust them to continue as responsible as before.

I agree with you.

> Cheers, Marcel

Eric LeBlanc
UNIX is user friendly.
It's just selective about who its friends are.

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