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Re: More hacked servers?

On Sun, Nov 23, 2003 at 01:09:27AM -0500, Jim Hubbard scribbled:
> After the Linux kernel server got hacked a few weeks ago, and now this
> successful attack at Debian, my confidence is shaken.  I hope we'll see full
> disclosure about exactly what happened and what's being done to prevent it.
Shaken? Without even knowing what caused the breach? What if it was Apache?
Or php? (or anything else)? From your words I assume (perhaps wrongly) that
you a) blindly believe in Linux-based OS security and, b) don't take into
account the human factor of computing. As for a) above - all and every
software has bugs, no OS is 100% secure, some bugs might be exploited some
not - don't let yourself be misguided by the open source "preachers" who
sing gospels about OS software being unbreakable etc - it's not true, it's
dangerous, it's false. It applies to _all_ software out there. As for b) -
from my experience I know that 90% of security breaches result from a human
error. It is usually an administrator who forgot (or didn't know how) to
check or secure one (or more) piece of software. And, please note, it does
NOT mean the person responsible for the service is not qualified to do the
job - not at all, s/he is just a human, and humans make errors. The hard thing
after that is to admit to making the mistake or committing an error and,
even harder, to fix it. And that's what is happening now - several people
have been working hard on restoring the service and determining the facts to
know how did it happen and, let me state that, I'm sure the same mistake
won't ever happen again (the mistake might lie somewhere beyond the debian
circle, we don't know that yet).So, give the people some time and after the
details are disclosed - learn from their experience and use it in your work.

best regards,


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