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Re: chkrootkit and lkm

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 20:18, Johannes Graumann wrote:
> I was just running 'chkrootkit' and came across this warning:
> > Checking `lkm'... You have     4 process hidden for ps command
> > Warning: Possible LKM Trojan installed
> I then went ahead and manually checked the output of 'ls -a /proc'
> against that of 'ps -A' and found out, that there are 4 processes in
> /proc  (3-6) which don't show up as PIDs in the 'ps -A' output. There
> are however four processes (ksoftirqd_CPU0, kswapd, bdflush, kupdated)
> in existence that show a PID of 0.
> Am I right to assume that this is not the lkm kit, but rather some
> weiredness in PID assignment?

Yes. Well, rather to do with how `ps' handles the processes in question.

> The same PID thing is happening on my testing/unstable laptop -
> compromised as well or something else amiss in the distro, maybe related
> to the server break ins?

It's nothing at all to do with the compromise, and everything to do with
<URL:http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=217525> (`ps shows
incorrect pid value') and
(`chkrootkit: doesn't work too well with kernel threads').

(FWIW, the bugs were filed 31 and 33 days ago, against procps and
chkrootkit respectively, and
<URL:http://bugs.debian.org/{procps,chkrootkit}> is currently
operational, although lacking a record of activity since late last

Your machine is behaving no more strangely than thousands of other
sarge/sid boxes. :-)


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