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Re: Mail server

On Fri, 14 Nov 2003, Martynas Spokas wrote:

> I have a mail server and I'm trying to keep it total secure.
> I don't think I'm paranoid, but it is so :)

first of all your not paranoid, everyone _is_ out to get you ;)

> So, my question is: "Is there way to keep messages on server secure? Encrypted or coded some how?"

Secured from what? if you simply want to store them as encryoted files
then look at a cryptographic file system and the permissions on your
queue directories. If you want to secure the server so it delivers the
mail and that any mail stored for users on said system is only retrived
with a valid username and password then you need to take other measures.
I personally wouldn't go to the hassle of a cryptographoic filesystem I
would look at disabling some of the MTA features, like EXPN. The level
of security in users getting mail stored on (as oposed to passing
through) the server will depend on how willing users are to setup secure
access from their end, you can force people to use ssl for imap and pop


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