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Re: tiger stops sending reports

On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 08:31:42AM -0600, Hanasaki JiJi wrote:
> Tiger was installed on Sarge.  After the first couple audit emails, the 
> emails have stopped.

Well, without further information it is difficult to determine if this is 
an error or not. Or even if this is due to Tiger's "learning" feature. This 
feature enables it to only send mails of changes in the system (so a 
problem will only be reported once not every time Tiger is run).
Please read /usr/share/doc/tiger/README.hostids.

If you have files under /var/log/tiger with times matching those of the 
ones when cron jobs (configured under /etc/tiger/cronrc) should be run then 
Tiger is working as expected.



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