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Re: vlans in a firewall

On Sun, Aug 17, 2003 at 09:28:32AM -0600, John Repass wrote:
> My question is this:  Can I treat say bond0.433 and bond0.434 as completely 
> seperate interfaces for iptables purposes?  What I mean to say is, I know I 
> can do it, can I do it as safely as the old fashioned method of configuring 
> one port to be vlan 433 and one on 434, one internal, one external, or with  
> putting a firewall in-line with each internet connection?

Both the old method (one physical port per vlan) and the new method
(multiple physical ports in a trunk using tagged vlans) are (somewhat)
unsafe *if* the switch uses a single MAC address table for all the
VLANs.  Just make sure that the model / version of Cisco switch / IOS
firmware supports separate tables per VLAN and you should be able to
tread bond0.433 and bond0.434 as completely separate interfaces.

Hope this helps,


Luca Filipozzi
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