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Re: Debian Stable server hacked

On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 07:08:59PM -0400, Colin Walters wrote:
> But Linux capabilities are so weak.  They won't protect an apache master
> process that runs as root from scribbling over /etc/passwd and giving an
> attacker a new uid 0 shell account, for example.  At that point it's
> really game over.  The attacker then logs in, and has all the
> capabilities.  From there, they have access to /dev/mem, where they can
> runtime patch the kernel and kill off grsecurity or do whatever else
> they want.

Well capabilities are only one of the things that grsec implements.  You
can also restrict a process to access various parts of the filesystem.
There's no reason /usr/sbin/apache should have write access to /etc, so
you just don't allow it.

You can also place restrictions based on resources (cpu, memory, etc.) and
IP addresses as well.

BTW, grsec (well gradm actually) has an intelligent self-learning mode
that can help you to give a process only the minimum amount of access
necessary to operate in.  That way, even a novice sysadmin should be
able to benefit from a higher level of security.  And even for
experienced sysadmins, it makes the process of setting up ACLs much less
> > Anyway, since grsec uses PaX, it's very unlikely that anyone will "take
> > control" of apache through a buffer overflow. ;-)
> >>From what I understand it is often possible to evade these kinds of
> restrictions.

It actually does a very good job of stopping any kind of
"stack-smashing" attack dead in its tracks (both the stack and heap are
marked as non-executable).  That takes care of most vulnerabilities,
both known and unknown.

> Anyways, I just wanted to point out that while grsecurity probably helps
> somewhat, it provides significantly less security than a system like
> SELinux.  Its sole advantage as far as I can tell is that it's somewhat
> easier to set up.

Why even jump to conclusions like this when you admitted a few messages
back that you don't know much about grsec? ;-(

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