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Re: postfix security configuration

Am Son, 2003-08-10 um 12.26 schrieb Fallen Angel:
> hi,
> my config:
> debian stable 3.0r1
> postfix
> qpopper 
> I have a small problem: 
> my smtp after pop3 configuration works fine, no open relay possible, but
> the authentificated users can fake their own e-mail address. 
> How can I stop it, so they can only use the adress which were set up for
> them. 

As i know, only by adding "reject_sender_login_mismatch" 
to "smtpd_sender_restrictions". Be careful about the order of your
restrictions under  "smtpd_sender_restrictions". Look for the exact
syntax in postfix docs on your machine. And : you'll need to smtp-auth
your smtp-clients with sasl for postfix-smtpd. 
This information is from postfix 2.0.3. Im using this with cyrus 2.1 and
sasl 2.2 from http://people.debian.org/~hmh.

Wilfried Essig

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