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Re: Passwordless Authentication (was Re: How to reduce sid security)


Kjetil Kjernsmo écrivait :
> I've tried to do this many times, but I've failed... Is there a Very 
> Verbose Guide to Passwordless Authentication with SSH somewhere...? :-) 

All is in the man pages!

For real password-less (even for the private key, it's *bad*), try this:

  $ ssh-keygen -f test -t dsa
  (enter no passphrase, just press enter twice)
  $ cat test.pub | ssh user@host "mkdir -p .ssh ; cat >>.ssh/authorized_keys"
  (here it will ask for password)
  $ ssh -i test user@host
  (here it will not anymore)

But beware about security issues!
This example is a very bad one if you care about security!

A better aproach is to use ssh-agent to store your keys in your environment.
But here again, be carefull because it means *any* "bad" program you launch
may use your keys (and known_hosts to know where to go) to do something bad.
Any "good" Linux virus would probably try this first...

Regards, J.C.
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