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Re: request to german speaking users

* Christian Kujau <evil@g-house.de> [030629 22:32]:

> as others suggested too, the reading should be shared to a group of 
> readers.

I started to collect the "REVIEW-Status" in a seperate file, avaible

Since I have been and will very busy the last days, you can find out,
which chapters still need to be reviewed, for yourself.

Just tell me, when you start to review which chapter, so I can update
this file (that should fit in my daily schedule ;)

> so, perhaps splitting it up chapter wise is good and just in case sbd. 
> has already started the reading (with ch.1), i'll start with ch 9-10, 
> will do more if we can agree about sth....

Okay, I'll mark chapter 9-10 for you.

Yours Sincerely

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