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Re: FTP servers that ban abusers?

On Monday 30 June 2003 17:22, Andrew Sayers wrote:

> Ideally. whenever someone tries to FTP in as root, ftp, backup, or some
> other administrative account, I'd like iptables to DROP further incoming
> FTP traffic from that address, and an e-mail to be sent automatically to
> me and their network's administrator.  Blocking FTP traffic immediately
> has the added benefit that they won't receive a "login refused" message,
> which might slow down any scanning attempts.

Well, IMHO this isn't job of the daemon, it's the job of a log monitoring 
program. You can use logsurfer to monitor your logfiles in realtime and run a 
programm if an "attack" happens.


seems that there's no debian packages at the moment, but it's easy to compile.

> 	- Andrew

best regards,

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