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apt-proxy and xinetd

I have not been able to get apt-proxy to work via xinetd.  It works fine
with inetd.  

     From the client side it hangs and timesout.

     I can see in the auth.log that it is connecting.

     There are funny things in syslog:

localhost xinetd[29274]: Activating service apt-proxy
localhost xinetd[29274]: Deactivating service apt-proxy due to excessive incoming connections.  Restarting in 10 seconds.

apt-proxy log shows strange problems:

/etc/apt-proxy/apt-proxy.conf: http://mirrors.kernel.org/debian/: not found
[23883 14:58:14]  Mon Apr 7 14:58:14 PDT 2003 Request /debian/dists/stable/main/source/Sources.gz
/etc/apt-proxy/apt-proxy.conf: http://mirrors.kernel.org/debian/: not found
[24365 14:59:49]  Mon Apr 7 14:59:49 PDT 2003 Request /debian/dists/stable/main/source/Sources.gz
/etc/apt-proxy/apt-proxy.conf: http://mirrors.kernel.org/debian/: not found
[29423 15:01:34]  Mon Apr 7 15:01:34 PDT 2003 Request /debian/dists/stable/main/source/Sources.gz
[23883 15:02:07]  Error dumping file (/var/cache/apt-proxy/debian/dists/stable/main/source/Sources.gz), aborting

service apt-proxy
        disable         = no
        socket_type     = stream
        protocol        = tcp
        port            = 9999
        wait            = no
        user            = aptproxy
        server          = /usr/sbin/apt-proxy
        server_args     = -l /var/log/apt-proxy.log

I do not wish to run inetd.  Is there a way to run apt-proxy as a stand
alone daemon?  I could not figure that our either.


     "In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is caned."

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