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Re: updated sendmail package: config error

[On 04 Apr, @16:44, debian-sec wrote in "updated sendmail package: conf ..."]
> hello,
> I'm trying to install the updated sendmail packages that fix the latest
> security hole. But after the installation I get this: see below.
> I've installed version 8.12.6-7 from testing, which runs fine. My system
> is a your basic woody system plus some packags from testing.
> To summerize:
> 8.12.3-5 worked
> 8.12.3-6.2. didn't work
> 8.12.6-7 works
> i'm I doing something wrong here?

ok, to reply to my own message. On another system here (all woody, no
stuff from testing), the upgrade works ok.

grtz Miek

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