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Re: port 3306 help

Ulas B. Baloglu wrote:
Thanks, I stopped the firewall but couldn't find the following file /etc/mysql/my.cnf my installation folder is /usr/local/mysql but there is no my.cnf there also. I used mysql-max-3.23.54a-unknown-linux-sparc.tar.gz for installation.

you might have been better of installing it with the package manager

the my.cnf file is either in a location specified by you or in the default location (should be in the install docs)

try the command `locate my.cnf` to find it

I am trying remote for converting old access db to mysql, if you know alternate way doing it under linux it will also work for me, thanks for the help

well you haven't told us how you are doing the conversion

by the way i am a programmer not a linux admin, guru etc. so forgive me if I am writing stupid things, busying the list,
anyway thanks for the help,
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From: Mathieu Laurent <mathieu.laurent@qwentes.be>

Which firewall do you use? iptables, ipchains on your debian? or a firewall box with checkpoint, ...

You must also give the privileges to the user of the DB to reach them
in remote:
- comment the line skip-networking in /etc/mysql/my.cnf
- update table user, db in db mysql.

Ulas B. Baloglu wrote:

I tried to remote mysql db, but I guess port 3306 is blocked
can anyone send me a method to change firewall settings and unblock


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