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Re: ACLs

heya thomas,

assuming you mean exclusively filesystem acls, acl support is
there... kind of.  for ext2/ext3, there's a kernel-patch package
you can use to build your own kernel quite easily the Debian Way
with make-kpkg.

the trouble is stuff you already hinted at, and a little more. for ext2
and ext3 filesystems:
	- they don't work with quotas
	- they don't work with stock linux nfs (is there a nfs patch?)
	- they also don't work on smp machines at all
	- they are only partially supported by many of the userland utils

however, there's also alternatives.  xfs (also available as a kernel patch)
supports acls and is reportedly much more stable.  of course if you still
want to do stuff over nfs you're sol.  another alternative is to give
afs a try (kernel-module package available), which is a distributed
network filesystem that afaik implements acls over the network.

anyway hth,

On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 12:55:57AM +0100, Thomas Ritter wrote:
> Hi all,
> does anyone know the actual status of ACL support in linux regarding 
> usability? Are there any plans on shipping debian OSes using ACLs from 
> installation on in its filesystem one day? At least ship a precompiled kernel 
> for this? Or is it too experimental, tar doesn't get it, no easy NFS with 
> ACLs, no Quota... But that seems okay for many uses.
> When building systems with subadministrators, this really comes in handy. The 
> old UNIX file rights are okay for many uses, but there really are reasons for 
> ACLs.
> Thomas Ritter
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